Our Mission and Values

Our mission is…

To reliably provide our researchers the necessary information and services they need at any time, and assist biomedical research and development at NHRI to the best of our ability through active promotion of NHRI’s discoveries.

Our values encompass…

Service Promotion and Satisfaction

The NHRI Library strives to provide services with speed and quality, promote individual learning through educational courses and seminars, and ensure that the users’ needs are respected and fulfilled at any given time.

Openness and Fairness

The NHRI Library works to include an environment suitable for both professional and leisure settings in order to encourage resource access towards people of diverse backgrounds. In addition, the staff strives to make sure information collected is reviewed with objectivity and fairness, and aims to stay up-to-date with research trends across many disciplines.

Cooperation and Innovation

The NHRI Library encourages the exchange of findings and discoveries between institutions, collects new information to inspire and inform researchers, and optimizes the publication process with efficiency to facilitate innovative efforts at NHRI.